• Accurate 3D city model and its surrounding area based on GIS data Year 2022

Files Included:

Full City : 30km

Base satellite texture setup only in Cinema 4D
Satellite/map texture is included
Made in cinema 4d and Ready to render in standard renderer
Stroked building, Trees (mograph cloner), Water Effect and Stroked Roads are only in cinema 4d file
No Plugins used
Low Poly
Royalty free model
Polygons: 5m+ in big cities
Layers: Building, roads, routes, amenity, leisure, landuse, natural, water, man made, railway/train, aeroway etc.

C4D – Cinema 4d (Native)
3DM- Rhino
3DS – 3ds Max
DXF – CAD Format 3D
FBX – Exchange Format
OBJ – Exchange Format
STL – 3D Printing

Suitable for Games, Architecture, Walkthrow animation etc.
Mainly used for town and urban planning, real estate etc.
Education and learning purposes.
Note: Some city we used our own AI tool to generate buildings, therefore shapes may be little varied from original.

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